Homero Espinosa (known as DJ Huey at the time) and I “Allen Craig” started Yerba Buena Discos in 2001 as a DIY label to put out our tracks. We’d been working together as DJs for years along with a bunch of other folks as Nightlife Productions. Our flyers may have been cheesy, but the parties were great.

We finally put out our first white label in 2003, a limited release that we only sold in San Francisco and Spain (thanks to some friends of ours who were touring there and helped us out). It was a local underground hit and we were on our way. Eventually, we were joined by master-engineer Daniel J, who helped up update our sound, and crazed genius Erik Brown, who took over our artwork.

Now, almost a decade later, we’ve put out lots of great music by lots of great people, including tracks ranging from trendy underground club thumpers to more esoteric tracks intended as much for the brain as the dancefloor. Through it all, we still believe in the DIY underground spirit.


Homero Espinosa began his career in the pioneering San Francisco Bay Area party scene of the early ‘90s as a DJ, promoter, and music enthusiast. Over the last two decades, he has cultivated his passion for music through a no-nonsense work ethic. Today, he applies his industrious temperament to everything from rocking a crowd, engineering a remix, or producing modern dance music.

As a producer, his highly tuned feel for groove has earned him support with DJs like Mark Farina, DJ Heather and Miguel Migs. Farina has featured tracks by Homero on his Fabric and Ministry of Sound DJ mixes, while Migs recently signed a new EP to his Salted label.

Homero also runs a boutique record label and recording studio located inside the famous Moulton Media complex, home to Miguel Migs, Claude Von Stroke and Chris Lum, amongst others. There, Homero produces original music and remixes for his label, Yerba Buena Discos. Homero has also written original music and produced remixes for other independent labels throughout the world, including….

As a DJ, Homero has played in a variety of venues and clubs throughout the world. From the clubs of Europe to the well-known venues of his local San Francisco, Homero has proven to be a solid performer, professional craftsman and tasteful guide of the hottest new music out today. His long run of weekly residencies in the over saturated DJ market of the Bay Area is a testament to this point.

Homero has long preferred to stay out of the limelight. His favorite accolades are the high fives and pats on the back that follow playing a stirring set, or the satisfaction that comes from hearing one his tracks on a booming sound system during a night of party hopping. But he won’t stay hidden for too long. Homero has a style of production which combines ‘90s rave sounds and melodic elements with jazz, soul, and hip hop influences to produce a sound which is mature, elegant, and has an indie flair. It is only a matter of time before he is embraced by wider audience around the world.


Allen Craig began his DJ career in 1991 spinning a mix of disco and techno at early raves and house parties. He soon settled into a deep underground house sound that’s still with him today. Along the way, he met San Francisco DJ Homero Espinosa, with whom he began making music and eventually founded Yerba Buena Discos. Many styles have come and gone in the 20 years he’s been in the scene, but Allen has stayed true to the underground, be it stomping Chicago house, driving tech, or soulful deepness.


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